WHAT IF money wasn't the root of all evil?

WHAT IF we were judged by the consequences of our choices?

WHAT IF Man's Inhumanity to Man was the rule by which we were measured?

WHAT IF the world voted on the worst offenders?


"Who will be brave enough to turn this book into a movie", John Scott- Center for Reliable News.

"This book is a mixture of startling fact mixed with a brilliant, plausible fiction" - Anonymous Inside Sources.com

"The comments on Amazon are correct. I couldn't put this book down! It was a great, fast read that took me on a spellbinding adventure with a great ensemble cast of characters", William Jordan - Foreign Policy Institute.org

When an author tries to justify surgical assassination of the world's powerful puppeteers, the puppeteers get worried. When the justifications comes through an internet world forum, International or domestic laws are meaningless. After all, in most countries, you get a medal if you're killing the right people. The use of the term "murder" is relative. Being labeled an "enemy combatant" gives a great deal of latitude. Just, ask the US justice department.

While being a thoroughly enjoyable adventure, this book throws the absurdity of the current conventional wisdom of the day. Guns? Privacy? The media? Millitary involvement? Ideology? The ridiculous nature of today's cultural realities are simply driven over the cliff in this book.

Buy this book... Save a National Treasure: A portion of the proceeds of the sale of this book will be donated to the "Kenosha Theatre Restoration" a 1920's movie palace that , once restored, will help revitalize a community that was a victim of the 2008 banking crisis. 150 years of auto building history ended in Kenosha after Chrysler closed its doors here in 2010.